Another week in review!

Homeschool Highlight Reel!!!

Yep! It’s that time again can you believe it is Friday already. Around here there is never a dull moment. We had another busy week. Last Saturday we added another little critter to our family.

This adorable little girl is our new puppy Mocha.
Colour is off in this photo but Elijah took it and I thought it was kind of cute.

She has added a different kind of busy to our week. Lots of trips outside for the umm… ahh… potty. She has been a wee bit of a distraction to our school day but a cute one.

We have also been busy with grapes. I have never had grapes before so I have been watching them and this was the week to harvest them. The kids were great at getting them off the vine. Then came the work of picking them off the stems and then rinsing them. I added a bit of water brought them to a boil and simmered for 10 minutes and then poured it through a jelly bag. At this point I have frozen the juice and we will make jelly later. I did make up one pitcher of juice for supper tonight. It has been a neat learning process for the kids to watch the grapes grow, harvest, process and then enjoy them.

Now I had wanted to have more pictures of life in our homeschool but I am having technical difficulties (see previous post). I do want to share a bit about one book series we are using. Character Sketches; From the Pages of Scripture, there are 3 Vol. in this series and we have really been enjoying them.

If you have reading, writing and arithmetic covered and are looking for something else to fill things out this is a neat series. Each section describes a different character quality. In each section there are 4 critters (animal, bird, reptile, amphibian, insect etc.) that display the particular character quality. There are all sorts of interesting facts about that animal. The kids are learning tonnes about these different critters. There is also a little map showing where this particular animal is found. Then there is a Bible story which highlights the same character quality. So the kid are learning some geography, character training, science, Bible and art. I would even say vocab, reading and writing. There are fabulous illustrations I have the kids look at them and then sketch the days critter could be an owl or a bee etc. They then write a little about the animal.

Now this last picture is totally thrown in for fun the kids have also been racking leaves. Taliah decided it would be fun to make Joshua into a scarecrow and he was more than willing to oblige her!

Crazy..yes! Fun…like I could never have imagined. I remember when I was in University I had some pretty lofty career goals…Now, I wouldn’t trade this for the whole world!!

Want to join in the fun and tell us all about your homeschool week, favorite new book or curriculum then click on the link below.

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