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This morning my kids were all smiles the guinea pigs had made it through the night. Elijah was sure they had been drinking. When I came down and looked at them it was obvious that they had not taken any water. Edmund looked incredibly pathetic. I picked him up and wrapped him in a towel and told the kids his time was soon. The boys went outside with Dave to build a burial box.
Taliah was holding Edmund she seemed alright with him so I went to try and respond to an email.
Just a few moments later Taliah called me sounding quite upset. I went in and one of the kittens was on the chair with her. She was sobbing saying the cat was bugging her and she thought Edmund was panicked. I took Edmund and held him close and calmed her down. Taliah loves to sing so half holding him and half placing him in her lap I suggested we sing Jesus Loves Me. We sang together and Edmund became very still. I checked him and he moved his little head. She told me how she had just sung Jesus Loves Me to Edmund before I came in only she had sang Jesus Loves You because she wanted him to know he was loved. I checked him again and he was gone.
Taliah sobbed again, this has been very hard on her.
I took him outside to where my men were finishing up his box. Elijah had a few tears as he told Edmund he loved him and that he was a great pet. Josh has handled this with few words. Joel was fine until the guys started hammering the nails in and then he lost it. It broke my heart to see him crying trying to take off the lid of the box. He is very angry with me. He thinks we can just take him out of the box and he will be just fine. He keeps bringing me to the window and pointing at where we buried him and telling me to get Edmund out he wants to see him. AHH.
Taliah is being a little nurse to the other one, he seems to be doing a bit better. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part. I have let her syringe water to him and he is taking it. I don’t know if we are prolonging the inevitable but I think she needs to feel she did everything in her power to help him.
It does feel strange that my family is feeling such a loss over this little fellow but Edmund was with us for almost three years and we had all grown quite attached to him.
That has been my day thus far, I held and comforted a little guinea pig as he passed from this world and then went to his funeral, and finally off to nurse along another ailing guinea pig. Not much in the way of housework has been accomplished so far but what doesn’t get done today will be waiting for me tomorrow.
If you could continue to pray for my children and if you feel so inclined you can pray for Marble who continues to hold his own, that would be great.
This is a picture of our little Marble crazy hair and all. Thanks for your prayers!
Just before I posted this I noticed his breathing seems to be more labored I really want this guy to make it!

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