And now its Over

So the update goes like this for a short while Marble looked like he was improving and then his breathing started to become labored. We tried giving him water and he took some. Tonight after supper Taliah was holding him and Josh was with her. Several times Josh would come and get me finally the last time Josh said, “Taliah thinks there is something wrong with Marble.” To which I replied, “Yes, he is sick and dying.” I come in the room to see her crying saying he isn’t moving, boy do I feel awful for my momentary lack of compassion. Sure enough he is gone. This time Dave is at work and I struggle to dig a hole in the rockiest ground going while being eaten alive by mosquitoes the size of box cars and remember that sinus thing, oh yeah, its still here. Of course, it is now dark out and I am not going to try and build a box, so into a wet wipes cardboard box. A short prayer and inside we went. I think I may have to take the kids out tomorrow and get Dave to re-dig the hole. I feel awful my kids all feel awful and now I am going to try and settle everyone for the night and then take a shower after all that digging. One of these days I will have to figure out how to change my time zone because it is well after 9 at night here despite what my post says
Blessings all!
PS Joshua has said very little through all of this he has cried but not talked about it. Today around 4 o’clock he and Taliah were colouring when Josh asked Taliah, “Do you think he is there yet, do you think Edmund is in heaven with Jesus or do you think he is still on his way.” To which she said, “Oh Joshy, of course he is as soon as he left us he was with Him.” Not to get into doctorine and stuff like where pets end up. I just thought it was incredibly sweet.

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