Pouring out my Heart

I decided to call this post, “Pouring out my Heart” because frankly if I called it, “I am having a really bad day” I figured my few readers would run for the hills! Seriously I am having a really bad day!
Reality is from time to time we all have them, sometimes we get into a rut and feel like we are having a bad week, month or year. Other times we are on the upswing and life couldn’t be better. Lately things have been pretty good a round here. Sure there are new budgeting issues and we had to get a new insurance company because are old one had some unrealistic demands because of the age of our home but nothing that would bring us down.
Yet today feels like a bad day. I have been fighting a nasty sinus thing and woke up today feeling just awful. Of course, Dave worked night shift last night and again tonight so he needed to sleep all day. So that meant no rest for me today. I realize if he was working a 9-5 job I still would have to get up and function, it just seems harder when you see him climbing in to bed and you can’t.
So on with the day. I did get countless number of laundry baskets done, folded and put away. I set out lunch for the kids and then grabbed some sinus meds and a blanket and vegged for a little bit.
I thought I should bake some cookies for the kids. Then I had Josh and Joel wanting me to peel and core an apple so I did that instead. Took out my recipe looked at the cores and peels on my counter. Hmmm should clean that up first. Scoop up the peels and head over to the pets. First the bunny and then the two girl guinea pigs they love apple peels for a treat. Strange the boy guinea pigs are not squawking at me. They are huddled together they haven’t touched their food and their water is full. My heart sinks. I notice one is breathing very labored, I pick them up and they feel like they have lost weight and their eyes are shut. I speak to my son about their food. He says they haven’t been eating for a few days and he did tell his Dad. I head to the computer to look up sick guineas. Wondering when he told Dave and was he on his way out to work and had forgotten to mention it.
The news isn’t good, looks like they are fairly far along with an upper respiratory infection which is usually fatal and moves quickly.
I finish making the cookie dough and start dinner. When supper is ready I decide to slip out and pick up some pop and chips for the kids. I come home and gather my little ones around and tell them about their guinea pigs the tears start flowing, they are all crying except for Hannah who doesn’t know what is going on. Joel is angry with me and calls me a, “Baby Boy.” I use an old towel and let my kids hold them and tell them they love them just in case they pass in the night. Because I am so paranoid I have everyone wash their hands.
After many hugs I have them get their pjs on and tell them lets have some pop and chips and a movie. While they are getting their pjs on I try to finish up the cookies.
As they return I open the 7up for the girls and give them a little pop out of the same bag I take out the Root Beer for the boys as I open the Root Beer it explodes all over me and my kitchen…including the remainder of the cookie dough.
At this point I felt like crying.
I think if I were feeling better I would handle things with a little less emotion. On the upside I have a pretty clean kitchen.
My hope is if these guys are going to go that it would happen tonight and not draw this out for the kids. If they are still here in the morning than I will see what Dave says about the vet although my heart really feels the one little guy is too far gone. Please pray for my kids and their guineas.
Not the best picture but my son took it just the other day.
I know there is nothing new under the sun.
I know in about a week or so I will be over my cold.
I know that if these two little guineas pass from this world that my kids will only grow stronger. I know that spilled pop cleans up just fine.
And I know that my heart will still choose to say blessed is the name of the Lord, even when I am having a bad day.

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