Busy, Busy…

Does life ever slow down??  We have been very busy.  Monday was off to therapy with Joel, as well as, shopping and laundry in town.  (I’ve been doing laundry at my parent’s house as our washing machine is in need of repair.) Today we were off to Ottawa for an MRI for Joel.  His MRI’s […]


Just wanted to ask for prayers for Joel he goes in on Wednesday for a chemo.  This will be the first time that I do not stay overnight with him in the hospital.  Dave has taken some holiday time to be the one sleeping over.  Joel still very much wants me there but understands the […]

Home again

We are back home, we came home yesterday and couldn’t be happier to be here.  Joel tolerated his chemo very well.  He has been very blessed through this journey to stay so healthy.  On the other hand we didn’t get the ‘good’ side of the room, and we had a horrible roommate.  He was 3 […]

Another Hospital Stay Over

For what ever reason I cannot update my blog at the hospital anymore. Thankfully, things went reasonably well. On Monday Dave and the kids came to the hospital to drop Joel and I off. The kids all hang out in the playroom, doing crafts and playing games with each other. Before any hospital admit Joel […]

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