Glimpse of the Past in the Present

I just recently realized that I did not post this.  While there is snow in the first picture it really wasn’t that long ago that we were still bundling up to head outside.  

Do you ever wish you were born in another time?

As a girl I wished I was going off to school with Mary and Laura Ingalls.  I also wanted to be Anne Shirley.

I would wonder what it must have been like to sit among the 5000 listening to Yeshua.  Yet we are here for such a time as this.

In many ways many of my children have an old fashion way about them.  I had fun capturing these moments this past month.Hannah old fashion

She does have hands it was just a very cold day like many of them from this past winter.  She loves that coat and I need to find some new buttons for it as it is missing at least one.  We had a clothing exchange at church and she instantly fell in love with that hat.Joshua Old Fashion

I have always cut my boys’ hair, I have clippers and they have all always had short hair, depending on the boy, between a #1 or #3 on the back and sides.  Until now.  Joshua has wanted to grow his hair for a little while.  He is not sure why or how long he wants it.  I think a few years ago I would have said no.  Perhaps after having a child lose his hair 4 times,  I have softened.  It is an adjustment but it is growing on me! 😉  As you can see Hannah is not the only one who has a thing for hats!Joel giving thanksJoel is always acting something out, I am not sure what is going on other than he is giving thanks for the fresh-baked bread!
old beardWe had some fun with Dave’s beard this past winter.  He had a whole week off work, it was just the way the shifts fell, one week he worked the beginning of the week the following week he was at the end of the week.  Well, we were rather cooped up over the long winter and we amused ourselves any which way we could which included beard shots.

Hope you are all enjoying this warmer weather, soon we will be looking at garden pictures!

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