A Moonlit Camp

On a moonlit night not long ago, down the path to their new tent home, traipsed 5 little friends already for bed. In they went and hung their lights, they whispered and planned, with blankets wrapped cozy and tight, they each breathed a soft, ‘good night!’

But one little friend was frightened, she worried that out in the woods lurked a creature to scare her.  So off she flit, and hurried home, when she rounded the bend she was but a blur.  She jumped up the back stairs, and into the kitchen, with a gasp she breathed,  ‘I’m safe at last.’

So four little friends remained in the tent, each one all snug and safe, with the crickets chirping, and the stars twinkling, they went off to sleep, and dreamt of the day that had just passed.

We are so busy around our little Homestead that trips and vacations away are just not possible.  We want to make it as enjoyable and fun at home as possible,so a couple of weeks ago, Dave dug out our old tent and put it up for the children.  They were over the moon excited to camp out.

Hannah had packed her bag and could not wait to camp, until…

As we sat and listened to the plans they had made someone made mention of wild animals particularly SKUNKS.  Hannah’s eyes were as big as saucers, and that did it, no amount of coaxing could get her to sleep in the tent.  I managed to get her to come out and have her picture taken with everyone else but as you can see, she was not very comfortable.

I myself have never seen a skunk on our property, one of the boys claims he has seen a Momma and her babies once.  Hannah enjoys the tent during the day but won’t spend a night in it.  Several times she has told us tonight I am going to sleep in the tent until evening approaches and she changes her mind.

It has been fun to watch them enjoy making the tent their, ‘home away from home.’  I know this picture is kind of lousy but they hung little glow sticks all around the inside of the tent.

Before I escorted Hannah back to the house I managed a group shot of my little campers.  (I know I have to stop calling them little as they are all getting so big, but I think even when they tower over me they will still be ‘my littles.’)  Again you can see how thrilled Hannah is at the prospect of thousands of skunks lurking behind every tree ready to ambush us on our way back to the house.

And here she is safe and sound back from her adventure!

Have you done any backyard camping, or have you been able to get away this summer?

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