15 years

Wow, it is hard to believe 15 years have gone by already.  I guess the old saying is true time flies when you’re having fun.  It hasn’t all been fun we have been through some tough stuff together but I am blessed that it has only pulled us closer together.  This time last year Joel was on the homestretch with his cancer treatment and still had a lot of recovery ahead of him.   I suppose Joel does have a long road ahead of him still, but his hair has grown in.  He has finished up his surgeries.  He has gained his weight back and has finally started to grow again.  Life is feeling really good.

Both David and Joel had dentist appointments today so Samuel and I went a long and my very capable 14 and 11 1/2-year-old over saw things at the house with our 8 and 4-year-old.  Elijah our oldest relishes being in charge I have never left him on his own with all the kids at night or with Samuel.  I am sure he could manage but it seems like a lot to place on the shoulders of one so young.  Actually Joshua and Hannah my 8 and 4  year olds are very independent, so he has very little to do.  Taliah is my little mother hen, she is helping Hannah with her reading lessons and loves to set up little art activities with her younger siblings.  It is a wonderful feeling to trust your children.

While in town Joel also had his Occupational Therapy session.  He had a good time with his therapist, and it is good to see him making some progress.  Dave and Samuel went to do a few errands while Joel and I were at his therapy.  Once Joel was done therapy the fun started we went to the local nursery and bought each other anniversary gifts!  Well I think we had decided to buy them regardless of it being our anniversary.  It is fun to see our little homestead grow…

  • one plum-tree
  • one pear tree that has 5 varieties on it (they graft on the different varieties)
  • two different types of blueberry bushes (to replace the two that did not make it through the winter)
  • two elderberry bushes
  • seedless grapevine
  • 25 strawberry plants
  • seed potatoes
  • spanish onions (I would have like to start onions from seed but it didn’t happen)

We also picked up some extra non plant items.  We are going to have to get busy and add these to our growing orchard and berry patch.  Once home Joel told Dave and I to cover our eyes and follow him to the kitchen.  On the table he had in a glass of water a lovely bouquet he had picked for our anniversary.  Taliah made a lovely card.

Tomorrow my Mom and Dad are taking all the children for supper so Dave and I can go out to dinner for our anniversary.  I can not remember the last time Dave and I went out on a date.  I know people say you should have regular date nights but we just have not figured out how to fit that in.  For non-daters we have a fantastic relationship, we fit in time together whether it is going for a walk around the yard, dreaming of what we will plant next, or staying up late talking.  Those are our dates.  Yes, we may have a trail of children behind us as we walk around the yard but that is how we like it.  I am looking forward to having a supper I did not make, and no dirty dishes or kitchen to clean.  Here’s to many many more years!

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