Courageous DVD or Blue-ray Coupon! Offer Expired!

Oddly enough this one is just available in Canada, any of my American friends that live near a border your welcome to grab a copy and hop the border.

The movie comes out on DVD and Blue-ray on January 17th  and as a thank you for reading the blog and my reviews here is your free $5 dollar off coupon thanks to the wonderful folks at Graf-Martin Communications Inc!  Offer Expired!

Just copy and paste and then print off and take it in to any participating Christian retailer!  I am so excited I’ve got the popcorn all ready to go, I can’t wait to watch this.  If your on Facebook would you consider given, “On the Old Path” a like in the side column?!!

(Oh I know the coupon kind of hangs over the edge of my blog but I didn’t want to alter it’s size!)

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