$3600 in Vision Forum Dollars up for Grabs!

So if you have read my last SEVERAL blog posts I have been sharing over and over again that you have the chance to win a $300, $200, and a $100 gift certificate from Vision Forum.  There are 6 different blogs hosting this contest so that means there are 6 ~ $300, 6 ~ $200, and 6~ $100 dollar gift certificates to be won.

Raising Olives is the last blog that I am going to highlight who is also hosting this great giveaway!  I would so desperately love to win (hence my craziness in blogging endlessly about these contests) but if I don’t win I sure would love to know that someone I know has won, so head on over to Raising Olives and enter to win.

raising olives button

Vision Forum has so many fabulous things.  Great stuff for the kids but also a ton of resources for Moms and Dads too!  Vision Forum has all sorts of things from great Christian Books to toys  and DVD’s.  If you have never checked them out before now is the perfect time!  Go ahead check it out!  I promise I’ll not post about it again… unless I win 🙂

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