Field Trip Friday # 5

I know it is Field Trip Friday and I am just posting now.  I do have a post in my head but currently the pictures are still on my camera.  I  have all 6 children under the weather with a nasty cold.  Samuel was awake most of the night he wanted to nurse or use his soother but he had to keep opening his mouth to breath and would then start crying.  It was a very long night and is shaping up to be an even longer day.

I am not sure I’ll get back to share about our outings maybe I’ll double up next week.  At any rate I would love to hear about your outings.  If you have had your kids out of the house this week feel free to link up with us!  Oh If you haven’t weighed in about which blog button I should go with you can give me your opinion at Keep Praying for Joel.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're all sick. The kids here all had colds last week; Josiah and Annie are still stuffed up. I spent a couple of nights sitting up to sleep in the lazy boy with Josiah because he couldn't sleep laying down..not fun! I hope you have an easy day, and that you all get good rest tonight. I'll be praying!
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    • CherylatOldPath says:

      Thanks Savannah, I feel like I need those prayers today. Funny how no sleep really puts our character to the test! :)

  2. Oh goodness! I hope your family is on the mend now. Praying…

  3. CherylatOldPath says:

    We are mending slowly but it is getting better! Thanks!


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