Is an adorable little fellow who is almost two years old.  His Mom and Dad and siblings are totally in love with him.  There is one small problem.  Okay BIG problem,  Wallace is a world away from his family.  He is patiently waiting for his new adoptive family to come and bring him home forever.

Scott and Rachel already have a son and two daughters but when they saw Wallace picture he pulled at their hearts and they started praying about bringing Wallace home.  They found Wallace through an organization called Resse’s Rainbow.  Reese’s Rainbow helps place children with special needs from Eastern Europe with adoptive families.  Many doors have swung open in this process, in some ways almost too fast.  The Center family is still in the process of raising the costs involved with an International Adoption and they have already been given a travel date September 11.  They are requesting that we gather around them in prayer that things would go smoothly, for safe travel there and home again, and that the remaining funds they need would be raised.  If you would like to donate please visit them at,   Adopting “Wallace” into our rily sily family.

Even if you can’t donate please lift them up in prayer and pop by their blog and let them know your praying.

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