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I thought I would share why I decided to make the move from Blogger to WordPress.  Both Blogger and WordPress have their pros and cons.  I did a lot of reading before I switched and the one thing that I did notice is just about everyone said,  “One is not better than the other.”   They are different and they meet different needs.  When I first started blogging I loved Blogger and the ease with which I could use it.  As I started to learn more about WordPress I became intrigued.

I would say Blogger is extremely user friendly.  I was using it and I am not to computer savvy.  With WordPress I have had to ask more questions and do more reading but the good news is there is a wealth of information to be found online.  Basically, if you have a question Google it.

Cost Blogger is free, WordPress you will need to pay for a domain name around $10 a year and then hosting is around $5ish a month.  It can be even less than that depending on who you go with.

What it really came down to for me is ownership.  I have heard stories (completely here-say) where blogs were deleted from Blogger.  That was enough for me to explore WordPress.  I want to be sure that one day Joel could read about his journey and read the love people shared with him.  I also love how there is so much freedom on design and layout.

Comments,  I have heard from so many people that they had a hard time leaving a comment on my Blogger blog.  With WordPress it is supposed to be much easier.  Soooo,  those of you have had trouble in the past give it a try and let me know how it goes!!

I think  in the very short time I have been with WordPress I have learned more than the whole time I was on Blogger.  In the end one isn’t better than the other.  You just have to pick the right one for you.


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