I am sitting here feeling a bit frustrated.  About 6 weeks ago I got a call from the hospital saying they were calling with an appointment  for Joel’s port-a-cath removal.  It was for 8:15 August 22nd.  I have been prepping Joel for surgery etc.  I had also told him no more port pokes at his last one, turns out I was wrong.  I made an assumption that when she said an appointment for his port-a-cath removal that,  that was what the appointment was for.Today,  when I phoned to confirm I found out it is a consult and the actual surgery will happen at least 4-6 weeks in the future.  I feel terrible as I have been psyching Joel up for this plus I told him no more port pokes and there are probably 2, maybe more to go.  His port needs to be flushed every 4 weeks.  I know this isn’t a biggie but I was so looking forward to being done.  Here we are waiting again.

I know I’ve asked some of you to pray for Joel’s surgery, I’ll just get you to put that on hold for a little bit. Sorry.

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