Garden questions??

I have some questions for all those with green thumbs out there.  Over the last 2 years Dave and I have been trying to get our garden up and running.  With Joel’s treatment it has taken a backseat again and again.  We are finally starting to work on it.  Much of what we do this year will be prep work for next year.  We are trying to make decisions so we don’t have to rearrange things constantly.  I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share in the comments there thoughts on raised beds.  Pros, cons etc.

Also, we were able to get a few strawberry plants marked down.  I know they are a spring plant but we thought we would plant them to get a jump on next year.  Any dos or don’ts we should know about with strawberries???  Growing up I just remember a big patch with little rows we went down when picking.

Any other great gardening advice is welcome.  Things you wish’d you knew back when you were first planning your garden.

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