Great Neighbour!

I think we might have one of the nicest neighbours out there.  In the winter he would come over and plow out our driveway.  He was worried that I would go into labor and Dave would be busy shoveling out the drive way.
A few nights ago he noticed some of the kids watching him plant, so he came over and asked if it would be alright to give the kids tractor rides.  All but Samuel jumped at the chance. He took the kids one at a time and he let them steer the tractor.  I put Samuel in the sling and headed out to watch them unfortunately the mosquitoes were really thick so I brought him back in the house.  Joel was the first to ride in the tractor.  He knew I knew he was having a ride when he came in the house he said, Momma more good news!!!  I asked what was the good news?  I DROVE THE TRACTOR his whole face was lit up.
One by one the kids came back in the house to tell me all about their adventure.  We are very blessed to have such a great neighbour.
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