I really thought this was going to be a day that I would closely document with my camera.  As it was a HUGE milestone!!!!  I started off taking a picture of all of the kids in the van…
 …and then I took this one of Joel while he was waiting.
 Another picture taken while we waited.
 Then it arrived, Joel’s very last dose of CHEMO!!!  It might not look like much but it packs a punch.
 Joel is looking very happy to be getting his very last dose.
Joel finished his chemo and we went out to celebrate and I was having such a good time that I forgot to take anymore pictures.
I have said this over and over again when we first got Joel’s diagnosis that I kept thinking we just have too get through the surgery and everything will be okay.  When I walked in to ICU after his surgery I was hit with the reality that this was going to be a long journey.  We made it through the surgery and now we are over the next hurdle, Joel’s journey isn’t over but this leg of the race is done.
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