Samuel Jacob

Samuel and I came home yesterday (Thursday) and are thrilled to be home.  I have had a few requests for ‘details’ so I’ll share but if you aren’t interested in the ‘details’ feel free to scroll down to ‘END OF BIRTH STORY.’
I’ve had some time to think about what I would share.  I have read many a birth story, and mine don’t necessarily fit the norm of what I have read.  I have read these wonderful stories of home births with the family around.  Natural, no machines beeping, no bright lights, soft music… sounds nice.  So… I was wondering what I would say about my hospital induced labour.
To start with I am a person who feels deeply, a Hallmark commercial can make me cry.  I am often struck so deeply by the tragedy in this world, I also feel physical pain deeply.  I see this as a challenge and a gift.  I don’t want to be numb to the hardship in this world, however I would love to be numb to some physical pain, such as labour.
I like to be as drug free as possible, however when it comes to labour I am all for an epidural.  Two out of my six labours were totally drug free, so I have experienced both worlds.  I was hoping for as pain free as possible. 
We arrived at the hospital at 7am.  Then we waited and waited and waited.  My doctor was in surgery and hoped to come up between surgeries to get things started with me.  Unfortunately, that did not happen so finally at about 4 o’clock he examined me and I was maybe 1-2 centimeters and had not begun to efface.  So with some effort he broke my water and at about 4:30 they started pictocin.  My doctor ordered my epidural but when the anesthetist came in he wanted to see me in active labour before he would give the epidural.   Around 5 o’clock I started to get contractions by 5:30 they were becoming very intense.  By six they had formed a consistent pattern and I was beginning to feel like I can’t take much more (in reference to pain.)  They upped the dose of pictocin… YEAH!! (not) 
I finally asked if they could look into how much longer the anesthetist would be.  I was feeling like I need him here right now!!!! At about quarter to 7 they told me he would be about another hour, I thought I was going to cry.  I quickly calculated about how many contractions I would have to make it through before he would arrive.  My biggest fear was they would check me and say I was past the point of getting the epidural.  Over the next 1/2 hour or so the pain went through the roof, I  looked at Dave and said, “I can’t do this…”  Then we heard the anesthetist voice in the hallway, he walked in, and I said, “Oh my friend am I ever glad to see you!!”  He was earlier then they said but it took him almost 20 minutes to put the epidural block in.  It brought some relief.  Not total relief but enough that I could relax… a little.  By ten to eight I had my epidural.
Before he gave me the epidural he asked how far I had progressed, no one had checked me since they broke my water.  The one nurse said oh she’s 4 centimeters.  Once he left they decided to check me and I was 6-7 centimeters and about 70% effaced.  I tried to rest through the contractions.  By about 5-10 minutes after eight either Samuel or my oxygen levels dipped because they put an oxygen mask on me and then checked me again and I was 9 centimeters.  They started getting everything ready for the delivery and called the doctor.  Checked me again and said we were good to go the nurses were ready and there was a student doctor there ready to deliver.  I remember thinking how tired I felt.  
I started pushing and I never feel like I am accomplishing anything until the baby is crowning.  I pushed and his head was out and by then my doctor was there and they all started telling me to stop pushing the cord was wrapped around his neck, little push stop!  I kept asking if I could push but they were still working on the cord.  (It is very hard to not push when you know one more push and your done.)  Finally, they said push and at 8:30pm Samuel Jacob was officially here.
Dave cut the cord and I got to rest for about ten minutes while they collected the cord blood.  It has to be collected before the placenta is delivered.  We have never stored cord blood before, but there is a cancer group that covers the collection fee because of Joel.  We decided to have it collected, we don’t plan on ever needing it but we have been told that if Joel were to have a recurrence it may be possible to use it.
After delivery I felt great.  I was up moving around no problem not even that sore.  I usually feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a mac truck at about the 24 hour mark.  This time maybe just a smart car.  I am having some discomfort due to Samuel having some latching issues.  He is beginning to get the hang of it now but unfortunately I am already quite sore.
We are trying to fall into a bit of a routine, so far he seems to like to sleep during the day and be up at night but you can’t blame him his clock started at 8:30pm.  Nursing is coming along and he feeds about every 3 hours.
The kids are all in love with him.  Taliah wants to hold him all the time.  Hannah was a bit disturbed that he has no teeth.  She wants to go to ‘The Home Depot’ to buy him some.  All of the boys have taken turns holding him too.  Of course, they all find the explosive diaper eruptions hilarious and shocking.
I will try and post some more pictures soon I am still having some issues with my camera.  Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers!!
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