Last minute shuffle…

Next week was supposed to look like this;

Monday – Up to the hospital for admit for Chemo.
Tuesday – Still at the hospital possible going home late Tuesday depends on hydration levels
Wednesday – Elijah orthodontist, Come home from hospital if we didn’t get out on Tuesday.
Thursday – Doctors appoint for me & baby.
Friday – Ultrasound

Then we got a phone call late yesterday…. We need to bump Joel’s Chemo to Wednesday we will see you at 9am.

Oh no….

Elijah’s orthodontist appointment is at 8:30.  Call my Mom, “Chemo has been switched can Elijah sleep over on Tuesday night and can you take him to his appointment?  Yes…. check.

My doctors appointment…. there not answering the phone.

Call the hospital to cancel my ultrasound, the have nothing available earlier in the week it will have to be the 31st… yikes…okay.  Oh the hospital had a cancellation they fit me in today.

Dave is off Monday and Tuesday doesn’t go back until Wednesday night, perfect for the old Chemo schedule awful for the new one.  He can drive us up but he won’t be able to stay with us until we get a room 🙁 Oh no I am going to need child care because he is working.  Call my Mom again,  Hadn’t thought about the fact that Dave is working can you come and sleepover here with the kids (means she makes supper too)  I need you for sure on Wednesday night and possible Thursday too!!!— Yes.

Called my doctors office,  I explain that Joel’s Chemo got moved to later in the week.  There is much humming and haa-ing  on the other end of the line, she’ll squeeze me in at 2 o’clock on Monday.  Note to self bring coffee in for receptionist and nurse.

More time passes….

Oh no Dave can’t pick us up from the hospital…. Call my parents again…. Hi Dad can you pick Joel and I up from the hospital… no I don’t know when it could be Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  Yes, but give me as much notice as possible…Thanks Dad.

I have no idea what I would do with out my parents!!!!

Next week now looks like…

Monday – My doctors appointment
Tuesday – An extra day to catch up on homeschool and housework!!!  Drop Elijah off at my parents.
Wednesday – Up to the hospital for chemo admit…. Mom and Dad take Elijah to the orthodontist then Dad will drop Mom off to watch the kids.
Thursday – possibly come home in the afternoon.
Friday – possibly come home in the morning.

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