The Kindness of Others

Overwhelmed… Humbled… Thankful… Blessed  are just a few of the words that come to my mind…

 Many of you know that life around here is hectic with schooling the kids, house keeping, many many many doctor’s appointments, renovations and a little one on the way, we keep busy.  Well, a blogging friend of mine, “Big Fat Mama” recently was wondering about leaving the blogging world.  It can take up time that she questioned whether God wanted her spending her time blogging, in answer to her question God gave her a vision for a ministry.

“Meals in the Mail,”  the idea behind this is that we all love it when going through a busy, or hard time when someone drops off a meal.  However, we may not always be able to do this for various reasons.  In many cases distance plays a role.  Her idea was to highlight a family in need once a month, and encourage people to send a note and a gift card so that the family could go out to dinner or pick it up.

The humbling part was that Big Fat Mama picked our family to start of this wonderful ministry.  I would encourage all of my readers to head over to Big Fat Mama’s blog, “Cooking Up Faith” bookmark it, become a follower etc.  Of course you guys are more then welcome to bless our family, but more then that remember there will be a new family each month.  What a wonderful way to reach out and share God’s love to someone in need.

Before everything happened with Joel I often felt my circle of potential people to reach out to was so limited and would have loved an opportunity like this. After all for the most part I was at home being a Mom 24/7.  I still welcome this opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting the other families that we will share this honor with.  Thank you Big Fat Mama for your kindness.

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