Christmas tree

We went Christmas tree hunting this weekend. We decided we would cut down our own tree this year. The kids were totally psyched they couldn’t wait to go. We got there and everyone piled out of the van when it hit me, this may be too much for Joel. Sure enough the ground was so uneven that he couldn’t manage it and Dave picked him up. We wandered rather aimlessly through the trees trying to find the perfect tree. Hannah started to get tired and Joel began to cry that he was too cold. It no longer resembled the picture perfect image I had in my mind. We headed back to the car to warm up the little ones and catch our breathe.

We decided to drive over to the other treed area Dave went trudging through the maze of trees and came back for me to inspect his selection. Joshua was the only one who still had energy left for cutting down a tree so Elijah kept an eye on everyone well I went and okayed the tree. Joshua helped cut the tree down.

We went back to pay for the tree and Joel started to cry again to go home, Hannah started crying not sure why. We convinced the kids to come inside where they had a wood-stove and hot chocolate served in real mugs with shortbread cookies. Well, Joel and Hannah thought this part of getting a tree was fantastic. Of course the big kids enjoyed themselves as well. They also had a gentle golden retriever that the kids thought was adorable.

We got the tree home and in it’s stand and decided to let it warm up for the night. Sunday afternoon we got out the lights and decoration out and had a great time decorating.

I know there is a branch covering her face but she was very intent upon what she was doing.

Joel had no idea decorating the tree actually counted as therapy!

I don’t think Hannah could possible have smiled any bigger. Hannah and Joel are both ready for the presents to be put underneath the tree. Elijah, Taliah and Joshua all understand the concept of Christmas falling on the 25th and are patiently waiting, as for Joel and Hannah I think I will be continually asked until the 25th. It was a lot of fun and Dave and I enjoyed just watching them.

Not to make every post about cancer but it is days like this that are so normal that it makes you forget that anything has changed we were just like any other family enjoying each other as we prepared for Christmas. It was a wonderful time.

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