Counting Down

28 down 2 to go!!!!

Joel is almost finished his radiation treatment. As for chemo, we have barely begun. But for now we are not concentrating on that. Right now we are celebrating coming to the end of radiation. Monday will be his last one… so we are going to move out of Ronald McDonald House on Friday. 10 long weeks…hard to believe.

Funny how so much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same. Joel is still Joel; sure he has had a number of setbacks, and simple things can now be a challenge to him, yet he still loves dinosaurs and animals. He still likes to snuggle up close and pull the blankets over his head.

Just before Joel was born I was at a prayer group, and this one woman felt she had a word (or two) from God for me. She said, “new beginnings.” Since Joel has entered our lives we have experienced a number of new beginnings. Although cancer treatment is not a new beginning we would have picked for ourselves, it is where we are. It is a constant learning curve for us. As I have said before, we are being stretched and grown through this new beginning. I think we will all come through this stronger for it.

I believe perspective plays into things a lot, too. As much as this isn’t a path anyone would pick to walk, we have seen a lot of good come from it. We have been blessed by people’s loving kindness; we have met some wonderful people we would never have met, we have been given the opportunity to, in turn, be there for other families.

As we pack up and get ready to go home, we are celebrating so much. I know there is still a lot ahead of us… but we are so thankful for each one of you, for all your prayers, support, and love. Thank you all!!!


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