Ups & Downs

Funny yesterday I posted about how the routine is the same but each day is so different. I feel like I can say the same thing about today. We went through the same motions but it is still different. Different nurses, different doctors and then some days we get the same nurses and the same doctors. Some days go off with out a hitch others are a bumpy ride. Today was somewhere in between not smooth sailing but not a roller coaster either.

Joel has a special stretcher that takes him to and from the 2 hospitals today there were 4 plastic dinosaurs waiting on it for him. That was a thrill and a half for him. He was also short on patience today, when he is ready he has no patience. If he is ready to leave for radiation then everyone else should be ready too. If they’re not ready we see his lack of patience displayed in all its glory.

Another highlight of the day was that Dave and the kids came for a visit. Taliah had her group today, she is really enjoying it. It was fun to hang out together… we went for a drive and picked up some fast food. The downer of the day was that Joel’s blood work came back today with not the best results… of course the results could be far worse but we need to be cautious. His platelets are good and while technically his white blood count is lower then normal it is still okay. His neutro-polys are low he is borderline neutropenic. Which just means that he is less likely to fight off bacteria. If he gets a fever we need to call the oncologist on call. We were advised to avoid anyone who is under the weather and to stay away from crowded places. Joel is still getting bad stomach aches. If you could pray for his neutro-polys count to come up and that his tummy to settles that would be great.

Oh and I have been meaning to let you all know since we switched rooms my wireless connection has been excellent 🙂

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