Just an ordinary day…

Today was rather uneventful. We got to the hospital, Joel’s vitals were checked, he got hooked up to his IV, and then we played a game while we waited to go off to radiation. Radiation is going much quicker now that they are just concentrating on the posteria fossa: basically the back of the head near the brain stem. If you feel like googling brain pictures, Joel’s Medulloblastoma filled the fourth ventricle of the brain.

He woke up fairly well today… when he wakes up, he wants to get moving immediately. The doctors have decided to keep Joel an extra hour each day so they can continue hydrating him via IV. Joel’s appetite has taken a nose dive, so this is a way to get extra fluid into him. However, Joel does not entirely appreciate the waiting around after radiation. We coloured and played some games. We then had some lunch, and then we were off to see the potato head ladies.

I know what your thinking… not very flattering… rather unkind to compare someone to a potato head. The potato head ladies are all very attractive ladies, and the name has nothing to do with appearances. It is actually speech therapy. They got their nickname because they always seem to have potato heads as one of the activities they do with Joel. I am sure I should be encouraging proper terms, but in Joel’s reality speech means nothing to him. If I say, “We need to go to speech in 10 minutes.” Joel will say, “Where???” I’ll describe the waiting room and the ladies, finally, I’ll mention Mr. Potato Head and I can see the light go on in his head. He always enjoys speech.

After that, we headed back to RMH and we had a snack, and then did some laundry. Joel watched a movie in our room while I did nothing. I just put my feet up and did nothing. I made some supper, which Joel ate, I think, 2 bites of and then we finished up our laundry and started to get ready for bed.

Joel is still getting tummy aches. So if you could keep him in your prayers that would be fantastic.


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