Hi Everyone!
This will be another quick one as my wireless is hiding again. My head is doing a lot better, thanks so much for the concern. If I can get my wireless back up I’ll share in a little more detail.
So the quick run down is Joel is a strong boy. He had his port-a-cath put in at 8am and was awake at about 9:30 and hungry; well, his radiation prep wasn’t until 2:30 so they wouldn’t even let the poor guy have an ice chip.
He is marked up all over with permanent marker which will be on him until radiation is done. Thankfully all the big lines are on his belly, just two dots on his face. I thought it was cute that they used dark blue on his belly but brown on his face. Looks a little more natural.
Finally at about 4 o’clock Joel got a Popsicle and then 2 more. He had a big supper and is sleeping well.
I love all the prayers and support and I will try and go into more detail later.

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