Fast Update

Hi everyone tonight is another quick update as I have a nasty migraine. Joel had a medically uneventful day. He did have lots of visitors today Uncle Kyle came by for lunch followed by Sim and Truusje and then Savannah. Lastly Gramma and Biba stopped in.

He has been playing a lot with his bucket full of dinosaurs (Thank you Kline family.) He also thought it was very funny when he discovered the nurse left the flashlight on the bed and he tried hiding it on her. They need to shine the light in his eyes every so often to be sure his pupils are dilating equally. He hates that… I don’t blame him…hence his delight at hiding the flashlight.

Joel has surgery in the morning at 8 am for his port-a-cath, and then at 2 they will need to put him back under sedation while they make his mask and do a trial run for radiation without any radiation. Tomorrow could prove to be a tough day as it will be late in the day before he will be able to eat. Would love it if you could all pray for things to go smoothly tomorrow.


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