A Homemade Christmas – Stockings

A Homemade Christmas!!!
If you are looking for a unique way to wrap a gift or maybe you need to get some stockings. Sure you could run out to the dollar store and grab something there but you really want to add the personal touch. However like myself you don’t want to spend a ton on fabrics and glitter. For a nice simple homemade look head straight to your closet. Look around and see if you can find an old sweater that you no longer wear. Maybe Grandpa has one he doesn’t want any more.
What you are going to do next is turn it inside out, and lay one of the sleeves flat.Next you are going to cut a piece of iron on interfacing to about the same size. Lay it on your sleeve and draw your stocking shape on the interfacing. Cut the sleeve off the sweater. Leave the cuff in place because that will be the top of your stocking. Iron on your interfacing. To be honest I did not have a lot of success getting it to iron on so I ironed it on and sewed it in to the seam. Starting at the top of the stocking sew down the one side and the foot shape. The side of the sleeve that is seamless does not need to be sewn. Cut your stocking out leaving about a 1/2 to 1/4 inch seam allowance. You do this after you have sew just in case of unraveling . Turn it right side out and there is your stocking!!!I used some embroidery floss and buttons to decorate mine but you can trim it with lace and make it girly sew on sequins whatever you like. I did this from start to finish including taking pictures and kid interruptions in less than an hour. I have said before I am not super crafty and it went together really easy. I forgot to mention you can easily add a loop if you want to hang it up. Now if anyone has any questions feel free to throw them in the comment section and I’ll answer them there.You can grab the code for my ‘A Homemade Christmas’ button to make it easy to check back in on what we are making. I think tomorrow I will be making a few things in the kitchen!!!To read about what others are doing to keep Christmas simple check out the link below!

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