12.5 is half way to 25

I am not one to celebrated 1/2 Birthdays or Anniversaries but this year seems a little different. Today marks the 1/2 way point to 25 years married. It seems like just the other day I met Dave. We were both volunteering at Youth For Christ and I was just about to go on staff with them. Dave was working for Christian Marketing Canada (CMC) at that time. Funny it seems like yesterday but when I typed CMC it seems like eons ago. How can something feel like yesterday and eons at the same time? I digress.

At any rate I am thankful for the 12.5 years and I look forward to many more. God really picked the best guy out for me we seem to compliment each other really well. God Bless you David!!! I love yah lots.

I would love to tell you all what I have planned but I can’t because Dave reads my blog. Unfortunately he works tonight so we will celebrate tomorrow night. Actually I am still working out what I am going to do. So if anyone wants to leave a brilliant idea in the comments go for it. I would love to close with a fantastic picture of Dave and I but I don’t have any. I am a bit camera shy and I don’t know what Dave’s excuse is but I have few pictures of him so I will grab some picture of Dave and put it in here in place of the cute couple photo 😀David and Hannah

Okay they are a cute pair just not the ones celebrating their 12.5 Anniversary!

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