Only 8 Weeks Till Christmas!!!!


I am a day late, but I fully intended to post this yesterday so I thought I would jump in anyway. It is only 8 weeks till Christmas (minus 1 day as I am late posting this.) And that means shoe box time.

We start off with a shopping trip to get all the things we will need to fill the boxes. We discuss the ages of the children that we will be picking out items for. The kids always look forward to this.

I love to listen to them as they discuss what they think their far away friend would like.

When we get home we assemble the boxes and begin to divide up the loot. The kids each fill their own box up, Hannah needed a little help.
Finally, the boxes are full and they just need to be taped shut and we are done for another year. If you are interested in Operation Christmas Child you can learn more by clicking the link Samaritan’s Purse.

What does that have to do with Homeschooling? Well like just about everything else around here we can turn it into a lesson. While at the store we discussed how much things cost if you have so much money and you buy that item how much change will you have. Of course, we discuss the different countries that the boxes go to. Poverty, non-profit organizations and even climate are things we have discussed because of this activity.

More importantly it reinforces a life lesson that I am trying to instill in my children…”If it is within your power to do good than do it.” Some other organizations to check out as a neat way to celebrate Christmas is Compassion giving hope to a child. World Vision has all sorts of items you can donate to a community or family in need from chickens and pigs to a well.

Over the next 8 weeks we will begin to prepare for Christmas to celebrate Jesus first coming to earth and we will also reflect on preparing our hearts for His second coming.

We will start learning some Christmas Carols to add to the ones we already know. There will be baking and crafting ornaments, gifts and cards. It will be a busy 8 weeks but I know it will fly by. Sure, we will still be doing Math and Grammar and things like that but we may be doing some of it with a Christmas theme too!!! Stay tuned it is going to be fun.

To read up on what some other Homeschool families are up to click on the link below!!!

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