Finally, Security!!!

NOTE: I do not normally posts on Sundays it is kind of an unwritten rule I have. Frankly, Sundays are busy days around here. We get up and get ready for church, obviously go to church and by the time we get home and have some lunch I am tired and just want to relax with my family. HOWEVER, I tried really hard to put this post together yesterday and I was having technical difficulties so here it is today. Thankfully, Dave was able to figure things out for me.


Not like a clock alarm more of a security thing. Remember I was having a bit of a security issue after the attempted burglary. Well on Saturday we picked up our system it is going to take some time for our alarm system to be totally functional but I am already feeling better just having the system here. So you could call it an alarm system or security system but I am calling it just doggone ADORABLE!!! Or as the kids have called her MOCHA!!! Okay Mom and Dad had a bit of input on the name as we had many suggestions including Chihuahua for a Saint Bernard.

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