Ahh, Fall I love it there are so many wonderful things about fall. Sweater weather, apples that you can make soo many yummy things out of. Of course, the beautiful colours as the leaves change. But I have also learned that with fall comes with some not so great things, flies and a crazy amount of lady bugs. Unfortunately it also means that corn on the cob season is coming to an end. For our family that is a sad day as we all love it!!! A couple of nights ago we had some and Dave said with some disappointment, “I guess I won’t taste that again till next year.” These pictures are from August but I still wanted to share them.

Here the kids are all busy shucking their corn.
Elijah seems to be putting a lot of thought into it.
Hannah is just happy to have a cob.
Taliah has become quite good at shucking corn!!
Josh and Joel hard at it.
Finally the corn. Elijah looks like, “What why are you taking my picture can’t you see I am eating here.”

Taliah can be a huge clown I told her I am saving this one for the corny (no pun intended) wedding slide shows.
Josh is just happy to dig in, incidentally he lost a tooth the other night eating his corn.
Joel is right in there too!
Hannah is not to be out done she can pack away more than the average serving of corn:)
MMM glad fall is here…sad to see the corn on the cob go.

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