Pondering the Past Week

Over the last week I sure have had a lot to think about. Death, Theft, Family, Security…my mind truly has been a roller coaster of thoughts.

I feel the need to tell you all that I have come to some kind of powerful conclusion or ‘enlightenment’ but I don’t think I have.

Really on the outside not much has changed we do have 2 fewer guinea pigs in the house. To look at my kids they are faring quite well. They are so resilient they go on and they are fine.

They have handled Monday nights intrusion rather well. We have had a visit with two forensic officers when they came to look for finger prints, (well I may have that wrong I think one was a forensic officer and I think the other was not). At any rate my children looked on with wide eyes as he dusted for finger prints and there were murmurs about the officer having a gun.

Today we were visited by a detective from the OPP still working on the case. He introduced himself as a detective, Taliah told me that she would have thought he would have on a brown cap and cape and be holding a magnifying glass. My children are not sheltered just immersed in fine literature. “The game is afoot.” (Totally off topic, yes, I was referring to Sherlock Holmes but that quote was originally from Shakespeare Henry V, act III, scene 1)

Back on topic I have noticed that this has affected my children, Elijah is talking of how he would protect me. Joshua who is developing a taste for puns told me if someone broke in to our house he would put on his catchers glove and say, “I adMITT I am not afraid of you.” I can tell they are processing Monday night and all these visits from the police. It doesn’t help that with every strange noise I jump.

On the outside all looks well we still look the same but on the inside there are a huge range of thoughts and emotions being dealt with. I know that God is here with us. MMM but I still have fears and concerns, it is a constant battle of surrender. It comes down to faith and trust. It is hard to trust the unseen, isn’t it.

Yet at the same time as I look back on my journey thus far, God has always been faithful even in the moments where I felt He let me down as more time passes I begin to see His hand at work all around me, even when I thought he had disappointed me. How wrong I have been at times. I continue on the journey of faith and trust, some times I stumble on the path but He is always there to pick me up and dust me off and set me on the right path again.

I look forward to looking back on this piece of the path in about 6 months time and seeing clearly what is hard to see right now.

There are my ponderings for today.

Stephen if your reading my prayers are with you and your family on this day.

Bunny is holding his own.

Not sure if I should be discussing this case, he he he, but I hardly think it matters we can all use a laugh I am sure, so here is the latest. The fellow who tried to steal the John Deere and left his vehicle behind, has had to answer for how his vehicle came to be on our property. I assumed he would say it was stolen but as he had to explain his whereabouts as he did not show up until some time on Tuesday. He has said that he was kidnapped and the kidnappers took his truck and trailer. My kids who heard the detective telling this to me asked for some clarification, I explained to them that this is what the fella who owns the truck is saying. Joshua who turned 6 yesterday replied, “Escuses, Escuses, Escuses!” ( I do know who to spell excuses but that is how Josh says it)

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