Poison Parsnip

Okay so I know that summer is officially coming to an end and we are starting to have cooler nights. Some trees are starting to show signs of fall, but all that said I still wanted to share this story.


This unassuming looking plant is actually a menace. Around here it goes by the name poison parsnip. Turns out we have a fair amount it growing in a yard. Here is what I know about it. When you get some of the plants oil/ juice on your skin the suns UV rays react with it to cause a burn. Fair skin people are more susceptible to having a stronger reaction.

Remember that cute red head…oh yeah he had a run in with poison parsnip earlier this summer.
Here come the yucky pictures. In the morning it looked like Joshua had a bunch of bug bites about an hour later I noticed they were all starting to blister. He also had something that looked like a lightening bolt on his leg it was where some of the leaves had brushed against his leg and was more like a sunburn.

I asked him Josh doesn’t it hurt aren’t you uncomfortable. He told me, “Well big boys aren’t suppose to complain.” With all that he still gave me a little smile.
Taliah told me they were all pulling these plants out but it was really only Joshua that had reacted to it. Talli had a few spots of discolouring on her hands. Kind of a light brown smudge that lasted a few weeks, but caused her no discomfort. So put that in your mental file for next spring. Maybe I will link to this story next spring to remind us all to stay away from it!!

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