Patience, Dial-up & Kittens

I do believe that Our Good Lord is yet again working on teaching me patience.
What a mother of 5 in need of patience you ask?
Actually where my patience is being stretched has nothing to do with my children at all. Dave is over seeing bath time as I am frantically typing this post.
Frantic why would you be frantic you ask?
Finally, we get to the heart of the matter the reason I am frantic and my patience are stretched… well praise the Lord we finally have our computer at home. Oh my dial up access… need I say any more? I can’t tell you how many times I have been disconnected, server can’t be found etc.

I love that we are never too old to learn something, one, to appreciate what we have because tomorrow it could be gone. Yes I am referring to my high speed access but really we can apply this to everything in our lives especially the things of real importance. Secondly, when things make us feel hard done by (dial- up) to look at all we have been blessed with. I still have a computer to communicate with it just takes me a little longer. Of course I have my God, my family, this great home in the country (which is the reason we have dial-up) mice which is the reason we have just welcomed these two fellas to our family.
The kids are thrilled with these two, and have named them Trumpkin and Sunga. It is our great hope that they will be fantastic mousers. Attached to our kitchen is the old summer kitchen it is partially renovated and we are having mice get in. If the door between the two rooms are left open then it is possible for a mouse to get into the kitchen. We have found some evidence of mouse activity. Now to clarify I am not thankful for the mice but I am thankful for the joy these two kitties are bringing to the house. (I am not going to tell you how many bedtime stories I read while waiting for that picture to upload.)

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