Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay I know I have been really slacking on keeping people up to date. Sorry!!
So Hannah’s arm is on the mend. Thanks to all of you who left me comments and emails. I have had lots of great suggestions I think one day I might make a post about all the suggestions I received. Just in case any one else has had troubles with bug bites.

As the weather begins to improve we are getting more active going here and there. The kids love to picnic, hike and go to parks. This past winter we were in so much that we seem to seize each opportunity to get out of the house. Here are some of our excursions…
Joel and Hannah hanging out together.
Okay I do not know why but I have a fascination with taking pictures of people from behind especially my kids. Dave and Joel walking along having a man to man talk just need to be captured.

Now most of you probably know this but for the benefit of those that might not, Dave works shifts so when he is sleeping during the day we try and get out of the house. You will also notice that Elijah isn’t in any of these pictures that is because he had the pleasure of hangin out with Uncle Kyle. Here is Taliah and Taryn her favorite doll, she often joins us on hikes and other outings.This is just a cute picture of Joshua he has decided to sport a Mohawk again too funny he thinks he is just the coolest.Joshua and Hannah throwing pebbles in the water.Joel showing off some off the stones he found, notice his attire it is not unusual for me to take a pirate grocery shopping or a sheriff to the park.
Can you see the princess for the trees??You know this little guy is my most mischief but when he cracks that smile , Oh my!!!Over the next few days I will try to post some of our outings because as I said we have been going here and there. It is so much fun to get out with them and just enjoy watching them play and discover things. I am trying to take lots of time to get out and play, I can get so caught up in all the things that need doing that I forget how fast the time flies by. Right now it seems hard to believe that there could ever come a day when they do not want to go with me to the park or hang out at the water front looking at stones and trying to make them skip on the water. I love these days!!!!

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