Dress Up

Do you ever wish you could play dress up? Pretend to be someone else?? I will confess there are days I wish I could be a different me. I do not want to be a different person with a different life, but there are times I wish I was different. Maybe more organized or perhaps super hero powers… able to leap over massive laundry piles, make meals that everyone devours, teach 4 different grade levels in an hour, leaving in her trail a sparkling clean house. HMMM. Or perhaps to live a more patient, loving, compassionate life.

Dress up is a normal activity around here. I never know who will appear during my day; it could be a pirate, a doctor, a horse or a puppy.
The other day I was surprised by Hannah. Taliah decided it would be fun to dress Hannah up.

The veil was my Mom’s, she may have thought I would have worn it, but her 22 month old granddaughter totally fractured her. We all had a good giggle including Hannah.

After that the knight in shinning armor rode in.
My children amaze me with their confidence, whether it is my almost 2 year old who thinks she is the loveliest princess in a 40 year old veil, Or my 3 year old guy who is convinced he can slay the dragons on his hobby horse. There is such a beautiful pureness in their play. The world has not yet convinced them that they cannot do it, or that they are not good enough. I will do everything in my power to teach them that God has created them as wonderfully unique people, that He does have a plan and a purpose for their lives. That God has blessed them with their own talents and abilities. Most importantly, that if they are going to follow Jesus that they will always stand out in this world as different.

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