What is so good about GOOD FRIDAY?

Why is it GOOD Friday? I have read several takes on that over the years. Good Friday is called Mourning Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday in different countries. Some people think that it use to be God’s Friday and became Good Friday over time. Regardless of it’s origins is there Good in Good Friday? I think so, it is the day that we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us, when He died for our sins so that we could have the free gift of eternal life. Yes, Friday is only one part of that miraculous gift, but it is the hard and ugly and difficult part of the glorious gift. It is much easier to look upon the empty tomb than to look at the pain on the cross. The great hope and truth is that because of what he did over 2000 years ago on that cross we can live with Him in heaven. There is pain and suffering in this world, but we have the hope of what is to come. So we remember, the good and perfect lamb that was slain for us on Good Friday; we remember the good gift of eternal life that is possible because of his sacrafice. I would like to suggest that we take time to look at all the good that is in our own lives. I would like to go further than that, and encourage us to look around us at who can we help, who can we do a little good for on this Good Friday. I posted just before this post about 6 little ones in need of some good in there lives, please take the time to read about them visit their sites. I know these 6 are just the tip of the iceberg of all those who are in need of prayer and goodness, feel free to leave me comments of those you know in need of some Good. Blessings

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