Take Time for Rest

Have you ever noticed that little ones can fall asleep anywhere. They don’t look for the perfect spot or wait until they have all their work done. They just go to sleep. Sure there are times when they fight it, but for the most part they just listen to those signals and go to sleep. Some how as little as they are they know something that as we get older we seem to forget. They know that all those things will be there when they wake up, it will wait. (Except for those times they wake up in Walmart.) Yet for me sleep is expendable (not really) but that is how I treat it. I try to pack is much as I can into one day use as many hours of the day as I can, and then when I finally crawl into bed my mind starts mentally go over the day, then I start preparing lists for tomorrow in my head. Sometimes I lay there doing my best to ignore some nagging feeling and then when I can’t take it anymore I get up and go check on the little ones. Sometimes it takes along time for that precious sleep to come.What lesson can I learn from these sweet little ones? How do I slow down? How do I take time to put all those things aside and say tomorrow, it will all wait until tomorrow. Or even the next day or week!! I do not have the answers to all those questions, for me it is a journey. I am trying to let some of that stuff wait, and take time to rest, take it easy listen to those signals saying, ‘sleep.’ I am searching out the old paths

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11: 28

I think as little ones we start out unburdened and as we age we take on burdens, some of them are even forced on us. Sometimes I am crazy enough to pick them up again once I have given them over. Tonight I am just girl looking to slow down and get rid of the burdens I carry and receive the rest.

Sleep well!!

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