Ladies First

Well I thought today I would just celebrate my girls. This photo is of the girls last winter but I love it, so, I thought I would share it anyway.Taliah is 8 1/2 and growing quickly. She is already becoming a sweet young lady she has a real way with her brothers and sister. She is definitely our little peacemaker. She is very caring, giving and motherly. This past year she cut of her long hair and donated it for cancer wigs

Here is our little princess.

She started horseback riding lessons this past summer and has continued through the winter despite the cold. She is also becoming quite the little artist. We are very proud of her
Oh and she loves nature!

Now Hannah is almost 20 months old and she loves her big sister and wants to do
everything she does.
Now most of the time she is our sweet little girl full of cuddles and smiles……but we have also started to see her exert her own will.She is also pursuing artistic things like her sister.
She is a funny little girl who keeps us laughing. I think she thinks she is one of the big kids, here she has snuck into her brothers bed.

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