Field Trip Friday’s #2

I hope everyone had a great Homeschool week.  This week for Field Trip Friday’s I wanted to highlight an outing we make fairly often.  The Library!  We have always been Library patrons but when we moved here we stopped going for a time.  Our children have grown up going to Libraries with multi-levels that were […]

Field Trip Fridays

I have decided to add a weekly feature to my blog.  I am always a little leery of doing this.  If the kids and I get sick or have a crazy busy week and I don’t post something then I’ll feel bad.  So I will state up front that I will do my best to post […]

Homeschooling ~ Free Art Lessons

If you are Homeschooling 6 kids,   you cannot always be buying consumable work books,  so,  I am always on the look out for great resources and I have to say I have found one.   A little while ago I came across a website with a bunch of videos of Jan Brett teaching how […]

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