Field Trip Friday’s #2

I hope everyone had a great Homeschool week.  This week for Field Trip Friday’s I wanted to highlight an outing we make fairly often.  The Library!  We have always been Library patrons but when we moved here we stopped going for a time.  Our children have grown up going to Libraries with multi-levels that were just huge.  Now that we are living rural the Library is just one room.  Maybe 700 square feet.

At first one might think what does a library that small have to offer?  Let me tell you it has been the best experience ever.  We have a wonderful Librarian that greets people by name when they come through the door.   She is a wealth of information and is so helpful.  The children will come in and browse at what is there but because it is smaller,   the wonderful world of inter-library loan has been opened up to us.  Previously,   I knew the service existed but because our library was so big I never felt the need to pursue it.  I would just settle for what was available in our own library.

There are also various educational opportunities to take part in.  Our library is going to be having a little workshop on the water cycle where the children get to build their own terrariums.  This Saturday they are having a BBQ and the children are looking forward to attending that too! If you are new to the world of Homeschooling and Field Trips seem daunting, why not start with a trip to your local library.  You might even find some ideas for future outings at your library.  Hope you will share some of your Homeschool  Field Trips with us!!

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