Marking Time…

We mark time in all sorts of ways, weeks, months, seasons, years, birthday and anniversaries.  Most are enjoyable, but not all of these are pleasant, yet we still mark time by them.  It has been 4 years since… Today as I woke up, I was tired, I have been fighting off some form of a […]

Living Simple

Living Simple this is an idea that continues to tug at my heart.  I do not claim to have a formula on it, nor do I feel like I have arrived at simple living yet.  For me it is part of my journey.   Living simple, or simple living means many different things to many […]

His good

Joel and I headed to the hospital today for another chemo, just an in and out in one day chemo. It was an odd day filled with little mishaps that when you add them up can seem exhausting. On their own you would barely give them a second thought. I often wonder the purpose of […]

Small Beginnings

I think I have eluded to this on more then one occasion but it bares repeating simply because it is an ongoing issue. Order… Organization… Schedules etc. It is hard for me to believe but Joel’s diagnosis was over 7 months ago. Rightly so, it turned our world upside down. In a moment our lives […]

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