Would you vote for me?

I have debated writing this post.  Back in March some anonymous person nominated my blog for the, The Top 50 Mom Blogs of 2013.  Here is what the site had to say about the nominations.  “We are looking for the Top 10 Mom Blogs of 2013 written by parents to help promote and improve their recognition […]

Reflecting, Cherishing, and Living (a giveaway too)

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Three years ago today our world was turned upside down. I remember all the details of that day more vividly than I do the birth of my children. I can hear, smell, see, and feel that day almost as real as this very day. I have already shared my […]

Great Giveaway

I was just over at Smockity Frocks and they are hosting a fantastic giveaway!!  You need to pop over there for all the details. They are giving away a $300, $200, and $100 gift certificates for Vision Forum.  Vision Forum has all sorts of things from great Christian Books to toys  and DVD’s.  If you […]

And the winner is….

Heidi!!!!!!!!!If you click the envelop and send me your email I can send you the details of the gift certificate!! Thanks for entering everyone wish they let me give one to everyone.  Stay tuned though I do giveaways from time to time…..

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