Starting Over

I feel like I am starting over. It has been so long since I sat down to blog.  I don’t know if I have ever gone a whole month without blogging, it certainly was not my intention to stop blogging.  It really was a case of the same ol,d same old problems, I have been […]


I understand the purpose of the captcha, yet I am not a fan of it.  My biggest complaint is that often times I can’t make it out.  Sometimes I have had to hit refresh several times before I find one I can make out. Have you ever noticed that little icon that represents sound?  Well […]

That Blog….

I don’t want to become that blog.  You know the one.  You find a quirky little blog it isn’t big and flashy.   Just a comfortable corner in cyber-space.  You aren’t even sure why you continue to pop by that blog.  The writing isn’t dynamic, the photos are passable… but somehow you connect with the […]

Computer Woes…

Isn’t it amazing how we become so attached to our electronics.  My laptop was my go to for so many things.  If the children asked me where some fruit was originally native too, I would pop open my computer and together we would discover the answer.  Recipes, how to’s etc.  all at my finger tips. […]

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