In between the busyness…

I have wanted to sit down and write a good long post for a while now.  I know I have said this before, and feel I sound like a broken record, but, we have been busy.  Just in case anyone is wondering why all I seem to post is ‘photo journey’ posts, I thought perhaps I should explain.  First, any time I ended up with a spare moment and thought, “hey I should blog”, I would notice just how terribly behind I am at my daily photo posts and would think I will just catch this up and then I’ll write a post.  However, by the time I wrote my post I was too tired, a child needed me, or I was so frustrated with my computer I just had to walk away.  I won’t bore you with the details but this computer is nearing the recycle bin at the local Staples.

At the beginning of the summer some of the children and I got hit with a crazy bug of some sort.  At first I thought Samuel had heat exhaustion.  It had been really hot and the kids had been outside a lot.  He was lethargic, had a fever,  it was work to get liquids into him, and he had no desire to eat.  The next day it was Joshua and Joel, the day after was Hannah, and then a couple days later it was me. I can’t remember having a fever like that, it was 39.9 C or 103.8 F, yikes, thankfully it ran it’s course quickly.

Summer is busy for us, we have 4 of the children having birthdays in the summer.  Joshua is the last one in September, I’ll do a birthday post after his.

We have also been blessed by having several visits from family and friends throughout the summer.  It has been fantastic to spend time with each family.  Our children enjoyed playing with, and playing host, to our many guests.  Between birthdays, company, and just the regular running of a home we have stayed very busy.

We even managed to squeeze in some trips to the park, for play and fishing.

I have mentioned before how I struggle with blogging when household duties remain undone, so as much as I love to get on here and write, my blog took a bit of a back bench this summer.

Fall is coming and I am longing for the routine it brings.  The weather is already bringing cooler nights and I have seen the odd leaf changing colour already.  I am hoping the warm weather holds on a little longer as I have many things in the garden that could use a few more weeks.

It truly is my hope to post more often.  I am beginning to plan and make adjustments for this new school year and hope to work in some blog time.  

I want to thank all of you who read; your encouragement, your tears through our hard times, and your giggles through the funny times mean so much to me.  God bless you all. 

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