I understand the purpose of the captcha, yet I am not a fan of it.  My biggest complaint is that often times I can’t make it out.  Sometimes I have had to hit refresh several times before I find one I can make out.

Have you ever noticed that little icon that represents sound?  Well I have.  I figure I have two good ears and I might go so far as to say that I pride myself on my good hearing.  But of course, I wouldn’t actually because pridefulness is seen as such a distasteful quality.  It is suffice to say that I hear well.  So when I, once again, found myself stumped with the latest captcha I decided to hit that little icon, after all, hearing had to be easier than seeing.

Well, I was mistaken.  There is a long line of words and a lot of distortion.  Am I supposed to write all the words down?  Oh now I have forgotten the first word so I hit the button again, only this time it is a different set of random words.  It had Thursday in the list should I capitalize Thursday?  Oh shoot I don’t know.

Worse yet, it is a throw back to the eighties with the horrible sound of back-masking and I am sure they are saying something awful to me, but I can’t be sure.  Safer to just refresh the little window and decipher the letters in the latest captcha.

What about you have you ever tried the sound button?  If you haven’t, give it a try next time you run into one, but you won’t find any here, this is a captcha free zone.

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