Computer Woes…

Isn’t it amazing how we become so attached to our electronics.  My laptop was my go to for so many things.  If the children asked me where some fruit was originally native too, I would pop open my computer and together we would discover the answer.  Recipes, how to’s etc.  all at my finger tips.  Then my beloved little laptop started slowing down, shutting down and doing all sorts of crazy things.  I denied it as long as I could finally it was time to admit my computer had serious issues.  I took it in as it was still under warranty and was told to phone the little 800 number on the back for a cast number.  My battery was dead, my power cord only worked every once in a while if you held the cord just right.  Just before Dave dropped it off my computer started telling me that a hard disk failure was eminent.  The day it went in I could no longer turn it on 🙁

I have been told 2-3 weeks.  This Thursday will mark week 1.  Exhaling.  We are back to being a one computer family.  I find it easier to be a one vehicle family than a one computer family.   Our desktop computer is shared by all and is much slower.  Yet I am thankful to still have a connection with the outside world.  Needless to say this turn of events has put a cramp in my blogging efforts.

Please don’t take my lack of posting as a lack of wanting to connect with you all it has more to do with finding some time on the computer, that is being used by many.  I will have to get creative!!  Here’s hoping they can get my laptop up and running sooner than later!!

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