Fabric Alphabet Letters Tutorial

I had fun making these!  I have seen various versions of these online but thought I’d share my take on them.  Now my Fabric letters are just that but you can change it up by adding a magnet to the inside of each letter or you could add something to give them a crinkly sound try cellophane or even a recycled wet wipes bag!

You are going to need to gather your materials;

  • Sewing machine, or needle and thread if you are a hand sew-er
  • various scraps of fabric
  • cotton batting (the kind you’d use for quilting)
  • fabric pen
  • scissors (paper, fabric, and pinking shears)
  • computer and printer or paper and pencil and some creativity







I went to my handy word-processing program and printed off my letters.  I typed in the alphabet with the cap locks on.  I then selected a font I liked.  I went with ‘Bookman Old Style’  I hit Bold and selected my font size of 450, I also selected outline so the letters would not be filled with ink.  I wanted something a little fancier but if you want a more straight forward stick and ball look for your letters go with a font like ‘Arial.’  Lastly, I did not like the ‘Q’ so I printed an extra ‘O’ and added my own tail to it.

Once all the letters were cut out I assembled them in order to be sure I had not accidentally missed a letter.  Next I looked at my material and decided to go with 13 different patterns had I had 26 different scraps of fabric I might have gone that route but I didn’t so I figured each fabric would get used twice.  Now I could tell you to cut all your fabric and batting to a certain size but I tried to eye-ball it.  I cut my batting in strips as the letters are all the same height but they varied in width.  If I had pre-cut  them all a certain size than a letter like ‘I’ would be wasting material.  If you want you can go with making all the letters out of the same fabric, or a colour theme all shades of blue.  I used all flannel as I wanted them kind of soft and cuddly.

Once  I had cut out the material and the batting (I did a double layer of batting) I pinned my letter on to the material backwards. (I stacked a layer of fabric, then the batting, and then another layer of fabric.  Both pieces of fabric are facing right side out.)  Once pinned on I drew with chalk around the letter.  I thought I had a fabric pencil but could not find it.  I have since picked up a fabric pen that disappears after a few days.  I think one of these pens would work much better than the chalk.  I then removed the paper letter and went and sewed around the chalk outline.  I kept just one pin in to hold the layers together.







You can see the chalk outline is rather faint and it was harder to see on the lighter fabrics, once again if you don’t have a fabric pen they are a great thing to use, be sure you aren’t buying a permanent marker fabric pen.

So this is where I got so busy in the project that I forgot to keep taking pictures, I am wanting to make lowercase letters and 0-9 eventually,  maybe I can update this then with pictures of the next few steps.

When you have sewn around your letter you can then cut it out with pinking shears, regular fabric scissors will work  just fine too but the pinking shears give a nice effect.  Don’t worry about fraying it is okay if it frays a little.
Once Samuel opened his present we found a nice little basket to keep them in when he isn’t busy with them!
If I left something out or something is unclear please feel free to ask away! Enjoy!

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  1. That is so neat! I'm feeling really crafy lately, so I'll be trying it out!
    My recent post randomness

  2. Hi there! These are super cute! I'd love to make these for my baby girl. How did you cut out the middle of letters, like the B… etc?

    • CherylatOldPath says:

      That is a good question. I used an exacto knife to poke a hole and then slide my scissors in and slowly and carefully snipped the centre out!

    • CherylatOldPath says:

      That is a good question. I used an exacto knife to poke a hole and then slide my scissors in and slowly and carefully snipped the centre out! Thanks for asking!

  3. sarada hyland says:

    WOW! love everything right down to the basket! you have so much talent!

  4. Very simple and great tutorial! I found you on Pinterest when another link for alphabet letters didn't work. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I think I will use my Silhouette to cut the letters out of the fabric. I love the layered look on the edges and the pinking shears effect!

  5. Helen Ritchie says:

    Hi, Thank you so much, your tutorial was just what I was looking for to make letters for bunting for my grandsons bedroom. I might make them a little thinner but I'll see how it goes. Helen

    • ontheoldpath says:

      Oh I am so glad it was helpful, we have just used them for play, but they have stood up to lots of handling. Enjoy!

  6. Hi there, I'm don't know why the letter gets traced on backwards? Is it because the tracing that remains will be on the underneath or backside?
    Thank you so much!

  7. I loved these, and am half way through making the Capital Letter set (i'm also planning on making lower case and numbers)…. My only issue is that I have to hand sew around them because my machine doesnt like the fabrics and double batting I chose LOL …. but I pray these will be an heirloom she will treasure for ever lol

  8. farmquilter says:

    I am whipping up a gift for my husband's cousin's son and last night I thought of making a fabric alphabet…googled that and there you were with excellent directions!! I may use Minkee on the back so they are super soft! I did increase my font to 500 – thanks for the outline tip – never knew it was there!!! What an ink saver! I also may pretend I am paper piecing and just shorten my stitch length to make it easy to tear the paper off. Thank you!!!!!

    • CherylatOldPath says:

      Oh so glad it was a help to you!!

      • farmquilter says:

        Cheryl,I just finished reading Joel's story. What an incredible 4.5 years you have had!! I can't begin to imagine what you went through. God is so faithful and loving, but sometimes (OK, all the time) we would just like Him to reach out and touch the situation to make it all better (the way we see “better”), now, thank you!!!Interesting…I am a retired special education teacher and my classroom was made up of kids who had mental retardation, bi-polar disorder, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury (hit by a car, hit in the head with a golf club, shot in the head). When getting my master's degree, I did a research paper on left-handedness and brain injury. If I can pass on anything I know that will help you and Joel, I would consider it a real blessing! Been sitting here fighting tears the whole time I was reading Joel's story…the courage shown by all of you is so uplifting and the testimony of God's love and faithfulness through your actions.Blessings,Susan in WAInnova 18″ LSProud mom of a daughter in the ArmyGod Bless Youhttp://farmquilter.blogspot.com/

        • CherylatOldPath says:

          Oh thank you so much for your kind words it means so much to me. I am so thankful for the folks God has brought across my path through this blog. Your kind words made my day! Blessings to you.

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