Another This and That post…

Hi I just wanted to check in here, I have nothing profound to share at this moment but wanted to thank you all for reading and commenting it makes this world seem a little smaller.

Today were off to a slow start,  Dave came home from work and does not have to go to work tonight so he only takes a 3-4 hour nap so that he can sleep tonight.  Taliah was feeling a little off this morning and is laying down, some of my kiddos stayed up a little late last night so they are moving a little slower.  It all adds up to a rather unproductive morning.

Funny when Dave sleeps the whole day because he has to work at night I just go about my day, but, when I know he will be up in a few hours it is like I can’t motivate myself because I am waiting for him.  I really have to push myself through those few hours, yet on the days he is sleeping I find myself saying, “Oh my, is it time to make supper already?!”

We are enjoying winter as much as we can I don’t like getting our van stuck in the snow in our drive-way, I don’t like the frigid temperatures, I don’t like all the layers of clothes, and scraping the van windows.  BUT, I love the beautiful blanket of white that covers our sleeping earth!  I love the way it clings to the trees, and the crunch it makes under our boots.  I love the bright red cheeks and noses that come back inside and ask can we have hot chocolate!  I love watching our St. Bernard bound through it.  Oh, and after a snow storm when the sun comes out and it looks like there are a million diamonds sparkling all around you… glorious!  What an amazing God we have to come up with such extremes.  I have a friend vacationing right now in Spain enjoying warmth and beauty, and here we are freezing, yet if you take the time to look at it we are surrounded by immense beauty too!

The other day Taliah made me a nice lunch, well actually, she made us all a nice lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices and clementines.  I thanked her and total her it looked lovely.  She smiled and said, are you going to take a picture of it.  She has seen me photograph food for my blog when I am sharing a recipe so I had to share my lovely lunch with you all!  It was delicious!

Finally, this little guy is pushing hard towards one, he turned 11 months old on the 15th of January!  He is a lot of fun and adored by everyone in the family.  Yet he is use to all the attention and does not enjoy being on his own.  I find it hard to believe that time has marched on by us so fast.

Since I have been such an inconsistent blogger of late I have so many things to update and share with you, so here’s to getting all caught up!  You will all have to excuse me now I have lost touch with a fellow blogger and am trying to get in touch with her, Alexis if your reading could you please email me!

Photo credits; Dave (hubby) with the exception of the lunch pic.
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