Please pray,

Some of you might remember back on July 1st that I asked you all to pray for a man named Youcef  Nadarkhani.  He was facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity.  He was given 4 times to recant his faith after which he would be hanged if he did not.

“When asked to “repent” by the judges, Youcef stated, “Repent means to return. What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?” The judges replied , “To the religion of your ancestors, Islam.” To which he replied, “I cannot.”

Whether or not you are a person of faith, we should have the freedom to worship.  According to Iran’s own law he should have this freedom.   Youcef has affirmed his faith 4 times now and the world is waiting and watching to see what Iran will do.

I know this is not the sort of stuff I write about and I do not see myself as a political activist but if I sit by and do nothing and this man loses his life I would feel awful.  I see him not as a man who converted from one religion to another but as a Daddy who longs to be home with his little boys and a husband who desires to hold his wife in his arms.  Please join with me and email the Ambassador of Iran.  If you are a person of faith then join with me in prayer!

Thank you all!

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